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Hysterectomy Research Reports

Women's Health Survey

One time publication was released February 2005) Collecting data from nearly 6,000 registered members and visitors to HysterSisters.com (a hysterectomy recovery and support website), this report quantifies the extent to which women experiment with post-menopausal treatment options, are educated about hormone therapy and seek medical advice. In order to extact meaningful insight, this research draws statistical inference from various respondent groups-comparing women who are pre-op versus post-op and women who have not had their ovaries removed.

Forum Reports

(Published quarterly starting 1Q05) Drawing verbatim posts within the HysterSisters.com database of nearly 100,000 registered members, these reports provide an aggregate snapshot of what women are talking about most--specific brands, specific treatments and specific symptoms. (View HysterSisters.com Privacy Policy.)

Checkpoints Reports

(Published bi-annually first available August 2006) Hysterectomy Checkpoints(tm) are various points along a woman's own personal hysterectomy timeline where she is often seeking information. Registered members of HysterSisters.com may sign up to receive electronic checkpoints. In so doing, she will receive timed information relative to her surgery date pre-op, post-op 1 month, post-op 6 months and on each year on her "hysterversary" during which points of an optional survey is also administered. The Hysterectomy Checkpoints(tm) Research reports on various topics related to a woman's hysterectomy experience at these various checkpoints.

Custom Research

Available now. Because we are backed by a database of nearly 100,000 women who have either had or are scheduled to have a hysterectomy, we have the means of delivering custom research services including design, coding, building and back-end statistical analysis. Contact us with specific details about your research needs.

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